At VIVO we adhere to a one-word philosophy:

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Culture is what makes us all unique and culture is truly the way to have authentic human experiences.

Marketing is all about Culture. Period. It’s not about Race. It’s not about Diversity that’s skin deep. It’s really about Diversity of Thought.

Yes. It’s that simple.

VIVO has always lived this, even though Marketers of today are finally catching on. American Culture is a driving force globally and that culture is driven by what is considered African American Culture. It’s in the music, the food, the clothing, and even the films we as American’s market to the world.

Our purpose is not about more “likes” or jumping on the wave of the latest trend, but it’s about presenting the most authentic version of a brand to culture-sensitive audiences. Our individual experiences and different stories drive the work you see today and mold us together to create VIVO.



Sophie L. Gibson

  • Founder & CEO

Sophie is the founder, CEO and force behind VIVO. When Sophie first established the agency in 2001, she had no clients, no employees, and few to show her the way. With a deep background in marketing communications and experience in technology and economic development, Sophie glimpsed the wave of the future on the horizon. She wasted no time merging the emerging disciplines together and explored the interactive possibilities during the infancy of the Internet revolution.

With Sophie at the helm, she and her core leadership team took VIVO into the heart of the digital marketing and sustainable force for good. With her ability to attract and inspire like-minded professionals, Sophie grew a team of knowledgeable, innovative achievers. Sophie works with some of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, including Voya Financial and the City of Atlanta, Delta Air Lines, AT&T, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Southwire, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), The Links, Incorporated and the NAACP — to name just a few.


Egan Gibson-Thompson

  • Chief Growth Officer

Egan is a member of the business development and creative team at VIVO. He comes with extensive knowledge of sales of not only in the advertising space but in medical and technology fields as well. As one of the main points of contact for clients alongside the account team. He develops and implements partnerships for multiple organizations. He oversees the cre-ative as well as the account process from beginning to the end. As a key member of VIVO, Egan works with clients and internal teams to bring cam-paigns to life along all media landscapes for a fully integrated experience. Egan is the key contact for creating lasting partnerships between organizations.


Nage Gibson-Thompson

  • VP, Account Director

Nage is a member of the account team at VIVO. As a key member, he works with clients and internal teams to bring marketing campaigns to life across all media land-scapes for a fully integrated experience. He is the first point of contact for clients and is instrumental in developing and implementing compelling marketing strategies for multiple organizations including, Delta Air Lines, Atlanta Streetcar, Voya Financial, and the City of Atlanta.

Certifications & Contract Vehicles

We are DBE, MBE, SBE, AABE, and FBE certified