Delta Air Lines

Delta Global Services

What was the challenge?

Delta Global Staffing (DGS) a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, came to VIVOwith a unique challenge. The global company needed to communicate their innovative recruiting and retention benefits program to eligible employees as well as existing employees. One of the key benefits being that any employee who works with DGS has the opportunity to take advantage of discounted airline tickets from Delta Air Lines. They needed to communicate this unique offering as it was their major brand positioning.

Our Solution

The solution: “Work With Us, Travel On Us.” VIVOdeveloped this message for DGS. This brand message was delivered beyond traditional marketing means and helped guide DGS through a cultural change and position this unique brand in a very competitive marketplace. Based on these strengths, we created a new brand platform rooted in respect for the things that mattered most to their employees and target audiences: Work, travel, a sense of community, and directness.

Our Execution

To complete the transformation of DGS under the brand message “Work With Us, Travel On Us.” VIVO created a brand architecture to organize the new brand’s services in a way customers could clearly understand. We then brought the brand to life with a compelling visual system. With these key brand assets in place, we designed and launched a new website and new tools, like an online application to capture leads and employees articulate the new brand purpose and promise. For several years after the launch of the website, VIVO continued to work with DGS to enhance the site and provide digital strategy, including brand position strategy, paid search, web analytics and social networks – Facebook, Twitter and a blog. DGS employees united behind a common cause and they are more respected in the community today.

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