Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson

What was the challenge?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA) has over 100 million travelers annually and their concessions program, ATLSkypointe, generates over $1 billion in revenue per year. To highlight ATLSkypointe’s restaurants, The Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson was created.

The Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson (Taste) is a premier food festival held in the atrium of the world busiest airport. The event takes place during the first week of November and provides an opportunity for Atlanta Airport’s millions of travelers to taste the diverse food selection the airport has to offer. Being the first agency of record for the concessions program at the airport, VIVO was tasked with increasing awareness of the event.  Each year, since its’ inception in 2015, the event has grown at a steady pace. But this year, the airport wanted to really push the envelope and increase ticket sales in an exponential way.

After conducting research about the event, the target market, stakeholders and a social media audit to understand the conversation about the event, we developed a strategy that encompassed the following goals:


  • Increase awareness of ATLSkypointe’s diverse and enticing dining options and drive sales at participating locations
  • Create valuable content and assets that can be leveraged in the future
  • Be measurable and reportable to the concessionaires in ways that are meaningful to them


From our audit/research, we saw that the promotion for the event would have two main pulls. One would be the diversity in food that a traveler can partake in at the airport. From fresh seafood to Michelin star restaurants, a traveler is guaranteed to try something that sparks their taste buds. The other pull would be the nonprofit aspect of all proceeds form the event goes towards a local Atlanta charity. No Kid Hungry. We used these two main strategies to help promote the event.

Our Solution

From this two-pronged approach we utilized existing and new mediums to promote the event and acquire attendees. We created a landing Page for attendees to gain information and purchase tickets, produced a video to promote the event via paid social media campaigns, invited influencers to the event and promote the diverse food offerings, produced two recap videos to

highlight the event and start to build buzz for the next year, invited local media with an international presence, and developed a voting system to track the best tasting food in real time.

Our Results

  • The event reported a 59% increase in ticket sales/donations to No Kid Hungry for a total of $17,420 versus $10,982 from the previous year.
  • The website saw a 97% increase in unique visitors from the year before.
  • 353 attendees voted for the restaurant with the best taste.
  • VIVO was able to capture email addresses and phone numbers from attendees. Next year we can utilize email marketing and text message marketing.
  • 5 million media impressions.
  • Paid social campaign results
  • 13,434 total clicks to TOHJ Landing page,
  • 1,433,211 total impressions

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