At this moment in time, it is important to self-regulate where your emotional health is at during this epidemic. When you are under stress for a long period of time it can make health problems worse, such as digestive issues and heart disease. Organizations at this time need to help employees understand how to cope with stress before it becomes a health issue.

VIVO understands how imperative it is to help employees deal with stress and has put together a list of ways to recognize and well as cope with these key symptoms of stress.

1. Recognize the symptoms you are experiencing

Outbursts of anger and irritability

Increase in use of alcohol or tobacco

Feeling tired more often

Lacking motivation or energy

Trouble sleeping

Excessive worrying or feelings of despair

Headaches or stomachs

Common stressors employees experience during the COVID-19 epidemic:

Excessive concern about COVID-19

Taking care of family needs while working from home

Adapting to a different workspace and schedule

Feeling guilt about not contributing more during the crisis

Find ways to manage the stress you are experiencing

Communicate with your manager: explain your concerns in your current role and work together to find solutions.

Find what you have control over:

Let your manager know the challenges you are facing adapting to the COVID-19 environment.

Be mindful of time spent viewing social media and the news: it is important to be well informed.

Create a routine that can keep you motivated: take some out time during the day to take some time out from work and check in on your mental state. Try to keep a regular sleep and eating schedule.

3. Find different resources that can help you and others manage stress

Check with your employer about what mental health resources are available to you.

Talk with your healthcare provider to refer you to a mental health specialist.

If you would like to find out more information about mental health resources, click on the link below.

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