How To Manage Information In A Crisis

VIVO360 has put together some tips to help business owners during the COVID-19 Crisis

During this period of uncertainty are you keeping good records?

It is important for business owners during crisis situations to keep good records and manage sensitive data from being mismanaged. There are different types of software and record keeping procedures that can help business owners keep track of the things that matter but most importantly there are organizations that can help you through this period of uncertainty.

These are VIVO360’s top 5 tips for managing information during a crisis

  1. Know whether you are optimizing for storing or retrieving?
  2. What kind of information does each department need access to?
  3. Put together an information crisis management team
  4. Are there records that need to be stored in the cloud?
  5. What safeguards are in place to stop computer hackers?

If you find these tips helpful and are in need of an organization that can help you through the COVID-19 crisis,

click here  to  see the WHAT TO DO NOW – Meeting Communications Challenges During COVID-19 Webinar, with VIVO’s Founder & CEO, Sophie Gibson.×1440.MOV?dl=0

VIVO has put together a COVID-19 communications advisory team to support organizations and businesses. Click on the button below to get in contact with a member of our crisis management advisory team and receive VIVO’s COVID-19 response guide.

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