VIVO was enlisted by MCCS to produce branded marketing materials in a short time frame for Marine Week, an event held annually by the Marine Corps. Marine Week is a recruiting event for the Marine Corps. Potential recruits who are interested in the Marine Corps are able to interact with current Marines and get questions answered. The event is also an interactive experience that allows potential recruits the opportunity to learn what is it like to be a Marine for a day with training sessions, instructional seminars and real life stories.

Our Solution

MCCS, an organization best known for serving Marines and their families, charged VIVO with the task of informing members and Marines about the services MCCS has to offer. How VIVO accomplished this was through a video advertisement, website landing page and promotional banners that were placed onsite during Marine Week.

Our Execution

Event attendees were able to get the information they needed and get in front of the right people to learn about MCCS and join the organization.

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