Football League (NFL)

The NFL approached VIVO to create and supply various NFL stakeholders with Super Bowl LIII credentials for various NFL events.

What was the challenge?

The NFL and the Super Bowl Host Committee descended on Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII. The planning and the festivities started from the year before and VIVO was in the middle of it. The Host Committee and the NFL had a slew of activities and needs of the host city that needed to be completed by local vendors. VIVO was called on to assist and manage two projects. One being photo credentials for the December planning meetings. And the other to help wrap the Mercedes-Benz stadium inside and out with Super Bowl LIII branded signage. VIVO rose to the occasion for both projects.

Our Solution

There are many meetings that take place to bring the Super Bowl to life. One of those meetings is the December Planning Meeting. The Super Bowl Host Committee, vendors, and partners converge to discuss final logistics before immersing the host city in Super Bowl mania. VIVO was able to be a part of these crucial meetings by providing photo credentials and signage for the event. The credentials allowed all those in attendance to have verifiable ID that they were supposed to be in the planning meetings. VIVO designed and printed the custom credentials for each partner, vendor, and employee at the planning meetings.

Our Execution

The NFL partnered with bluemedia to manage the process of wrapping the entire city (including the Mercedes-Benz stadium) in Super Bowl branded signage. VIVO provided staff to help with this project and wrap the stadium. The stadium was transformed over a period of two weeks into the mainstage for the Big Game. VIVO printed each of the signs and wraps to specifications that match perfectly to the stadium walls.

By the time of kick-off, attendees of the game could see the creative work all over the stadium.

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