The Links, Incorporated

What was the challenge?

VIVO has been the Agency of Record for The Links, Incorporated for several years and has been implementing various national marketing and communications campaigns in that time. VIVO’s duties include creating all brand identity materials for the organization’s many activities and conferences. We created and update their website regularly. We created and published their quarterly magazine – LINKED, a members only magazine for 14,000 of their members that highlights member activities as well as chapter, regional and national initiatives. The magazine is usually an 84 page publication from cover to cover that includes advertisements from Fortune 500 companies, articles from contributing editors and full stories. The magazine helps members of the organization keep in touch and fully informed to the organizations’activities around the country and the world.

Another aspect VIVO works with The Links is in is as their marketing and communications partner for their National Assembly. As their partner for the National Assembly, VIVO creates the brand, communication materials (email communication, brochures, invitations, registration etc.), publications (event booklets, program book (over 400 pages), sponsorship book etc.), banners, step and repeat, badges, and the assembly website.

Our Solution

We also created a capital campaign: With the induction of The Links 16th National President comes a new initiative, Vison2020. Vision2020 is a product of The Links Foundation, Incorporated. The initiative is a pledge by the organization to raise $10 million by the year 2020. What The Links needed is a way for the organization to communicate the details of the initiative to its members all over the U.S. and abroad. VIVO saw the opportunity to provide The Links with an experience like no other.

VIVO thought Vision2020 would not only be a great initiative but a great

campaign to help the organization fund itself through the collaboration of its 13,000+ members. What the campaign was missing however were two crucial components: a unique brand to personalize the campaign and a way to communicate the progress of the campaign to its stakeholders.

Our Execution

What VIVO delivered was not only a brand but also a digital experience where Links women could learn about the initiative and share their individualized stories about the communities they serve daily. The experience is a mini-site off of their main website. Links women are able to donate money to the campaign, track the overall progress of the campaign, learn about the leaders in the organization who drive the campaign and learn about the philanthropic efforts of the women they call sisters.

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