Finally – it’s here!

We’re still coming up with the name, but we know the content! We will have in-depth conversations about CULTURE! After all, CULTURE drives everything! We will have honest and real conversations about World CULTURE, Advertising CULTURE, Business CULTURE, Black CULTURE, Social Media CULTURE! And we will have them with people driving that culture.

It’s evident more than ever that our overarching CULTURE as Americans is deep-rooted in disparities and of course that trickles down through everything we do, including advertising, politics, religion, education, policing, and simply going to the store. In everything! The one delivering the most deaths however is policing not because they are the worst but because they have the tools to do the worst damage. It’s in our advertising messages but it might not lead to death! The point is it’s delivered every single day and in every single way, the system of policing just delivers the biggest consequences based on approved and legal permission to use deadly force tools. YES, we are going to do REAL TALK! After all, we are an agency assisting in defining CULTURE every single day! Stay tuned…


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