Montgomery Regional Airport Case Study

What was the challenge?

Just because travel has decreased due to the global pandemic doesn’t mean that airports are closed. They are still up and running with a slew of innovations and ideas to implement. Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) is one of those airports.

Looking at the pandemic as an opportunity to reconnect with passengers, MGM had the idea to think about what travelers would want to do once it was safe to fly again. They wanted their airport to be an extension of Montgomery and open the travelers’ eyes to the fantastic opportunities awaiting them outside the airport.

Our Solution

The website would be a window into Montgomery and give travelers a taste of what the City offers. This would be a way to connect further with travelers and provide them with a reason to explore the City other than work. A majority of travelers fly in from South Korea and work at the Hyundai facility. A significant number of these travelers went straight from the airport to the hotel and then back home. VIVO changed this dynamic by bringing the City’s history and culture to the new airport website, which exposed travelers to all that Montgomery had to offer other than going back to the hotel.

Our Execution

To complete the Montgomery Regional Airport website experience transformation, VIVO brought the site to life with compelling visuals and reorganized content that made navigation more comfortable for travelers to track their flights, look for transportation, and, most importantly, explore Montgomery outside the office.

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