MYATL: Plan With A Purpose

What was the challenge?

With over $524 Billion in assets under management, Voya Financial (Voya) hasadded theCity of Atlanta to its growing portfolio list. As Atlanta’s new retirement manager, Voyaprovides City employees (teachers, government employees, firefighters and police officers)with wealth management, retirement planning and ease of access to their retirement funds.

Our Solution

Voya needed a way to engage and educate City of Atlanta employees about the newretirement plan available to them. VIVO felt it important that Voya be able to connectwith city employees about a transition that could leave many apprehensive. The way tocurve the apprehension from the thousands of City employees was to create a brand andmessaging that integrated Atlanta’s culture. The brand created, “MYATL: Plan with aPurpose”, which used the iconic ATL abbreviation and stood on a platform of ones ownstability they would find with Voya managing their retirement plan.

Our Execution

VIVO captured the attention of MYATL stakeholders with a brand that resonated withCity employees and helped them recognize Voya as a company that not only understoodfinancial services but specifically the needs of individual Atlantan’s. Voya, now able toeducate City employees about the new retirement plan through messaging and creativedeveloped by VIVO, was able to have a seamless transition into the future.


Atlanta is known for its iconic ATL abbreviation. The localjargon of referring to Atlanta as ATL was an importantaspect to the brand. The abbreviation makes its appearanceacross all aspects of local pop culture, business and social

communities. The tagline Plan with A Purpose inclined usersto build a roadmap for their future and that Voya was hereto help. By incorporating the city skyline, city logo colorsand the ATL abbreviation stakeholders of the newretirementplan could easily grasp the concept that thenew plan was about them.


The new font constructed for the MYATL brand impliesstability and assurance. The chosen font, Avant Garde, ismodern with clean lines. The font, ITCCheltenham, usedfor the tagline – plan with a purpose, is soer. The idea going back to the meaning of the tagline for Atlanta Cityemployees to plan for their future retirement.

The colors

The colors selected for the MYATL logo were taken fromthe City of Atlanta logo.This kept the familiarity between the new brand and thecity brand thatstakeholders know so well.

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